Racing Industry Charitable Foundation

The Racing Industry Charitable Foundation has been serving the racing industry since 1977. This foundation was founded through the efforts of Lucy Reum, chairperson of the Illinois Racing Board in 1976-1977, to provide comprehensive care to all racetrack workers in Illinois.

The Racing Industry Charitable Foundation was founded on the principle that the workers of Illinois racetracks deserve the services available to employees in other industries. RICF is a unique organization servicing the Illinois racing industry and its workers, providing comprehensive medical, dental, social-services, and substance-abuse care for all racetrack workers and their families. These services are all provided nearly free of charge.

In order to meet the needs of all track employees from various cultures and backgrounds, our medical and dental staff along with all our counselors are bilingual. Today the RICF continues to provide those services at a remarkably low cost and remains the biggest bargain in the racing industry. All of the services are provided with a lean budget of only $1.2 million a year from funds provided by a small share of the wagering dollar, pledges by racetracks and horsemen, and private donations.
Illinois Racing's Biggest Bargain!
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Addressing the Urgent Needs of the Horsemen in the State of Illinois